How long will you play for?

We typically play from 8pm - 12 pm, and stop for 45 minutes during the buffet. We understand that some weddings have different timings than this, so feel free to ask us about extending/changing timings.

How long do you need to set up?

We take 60 minutes to set up, from the moment we have access to the space we'll be performing. We arrive earlier than that to the venue so that we're ready to start loading from when we get access.

For a small fee we can set up earlier than our booked time, feel free to ask us about that.

What will the band wear?

The lads all wear their finest kilts and blend in perfectly with your Scottish wedding. Sam doesn't wear a kilt, but she still looks fancy!

Will the band play the first dance?

We love learning first dances. We require at least one month's notice so we can learn it perfectly. We can offer advice on what first dances work, and more importantly - if it suits the set up of our band.

Will the band provide background music during their break?

Yes. We're happy for you to bring a playlist of your own if you prefer to create one to suit your tastes.

Can the band provide Ceilidh music?

Yes - we can do a full evening of ceilidh if you so desire. One of our strengths is how flexible we are - we can do a 4 hour set of either pop, ceilidh, or a mixture. This allows us to read the dancefloor and tailor the evening specifically to the guests and you.

Does the band have PAT certificates and public liability insurance?

Yes! We're happy to liaise with wedding coordinators and venues if so required.

Does the band provide lighting?

We have a selection of disco lights that light up the band and add a party atmosphere. If you would like something more intense than that, or focussed on the dancefloor, then we'd suggest hiring from a speciality company or talking to your venue.